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Dr Ritesh Prasad


Dr. Prasad graduated from the University of Queensland in 2000, gaining experience including paediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, general surgery and orthopaedics. Specializing in general practice medicine, he enrolled in training with the Rural and Regional Queensland Consortium and subsequently worked in the rural areas of Monto, Childers , biggenden and Gayndah with QLD health. In Harvey Bay, he performed pre-emproyment examinations, mine worked examinations and immigration medicals. He has special interests in mens and women’s health, performs implanon insertion and holds postgraduate certificates in skin cancer medicine and surgery. Dr. Prasad also has special interests in cardiology and attends workshops with St. Andrews Hospital to further his knowledge and experience in this area. He is fluent in Hindi and takes an interest in Indian and Pacific Islander Health in line with his indo-fijian heritage.


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